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by Courtney DeFeo
Treasured with Courtney DeFeo

Girl Chat with Larson DeFeo and the Pitts Girls (Ep 77)


Kaitlyn, Camryn and Olivia Pitts are young collaborating authors from a ministry family of authors. They are the sisters of actress, author and vocalist, Alena Pitts, and daughters of the late author and founder of ​For Girls Like You​ magazine, Wynter Pitts. They each have their own creative energy, spunk and talents that they use together to entertain, inspire and engage young girls, just like them. Each of the sisters lend their voice and talents to the family ministry as executive producers of ​For Girls Like You​ magazine. Most recently, their lives have inspired the story and books in ​The Daniels Sisters​ series, with each of their personalities being captured for the characters of Ansley, Ashton and Amber, respectively. They live with their dad, pastor, author and speaker, Jonathan Pitts in Franklin, TN.


Episode 77

by Courtney DeFeo