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True Crime All The Time Unsolved

Rey Rivera

In May 2006, Rey Rivera went missing after rushing out of his Baltimore home one evening. Eight days later, his body was found in a conference room at the Belvedere Hotel. Rey had fallen through the roof after falling from a great height. The Baltimore police believe Rey died of suicide, but his wife, family, and one detective suspect foul play in his death.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the mysterious death of Rey Rivera. It is known that Rey received a call on the night of his death that sounded urgent and that he rushed out of the house. But, many questions and theories surround this case. Who called Rey that night, and what was the call about? Why did Rey end up at the Belvedere that night, and how did he die? Many believe someone played a role in his death that night. There was a cryptic note found that seems to make very little sense. Does it factor in somehow?

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True Crime All The Time Unsolved
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