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Despicable She: The Plot to Kill Bruce Cleland

True Crime Brewery
True Crime Brewery
Bruce Cleland was a shy, intelligent man who, at age 41, had very little experience with women. Rebecca Salcedo was younger, extremely manipulative, and very experienced with men. When the two came together as a couple, it was a complete disaster. Bruce adored Rebecca and would do anything to please her. Unfortunately, there was no pleasing Rebecca.

Join us at the quiet end for Despicable She: The Plot to Kill Bruce Cleland. After winning Bruce’s love, Rebecca began making demands. An opulent home, no sex before marriage, a Mercedes, a boat, an unlimited line of credit, and the wedding of her dreams. As an engineer who had always been frugal, Bruce was able to provide everything. Sadly, no matter how much he gave to her, Rebecca was unfaithful, dismissive, and cruel. But Bruce never predicted how far Rebecca would go to get rid of him and to keep his all of his money for herself.


Honeymoon with a Killer by Don Lasseter & Ronald E. Bowers

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