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Richard Marc Evonitz had already abducted three girls from their front yards in Virginia before he took 15-year-old Kara Robinson from her friend’s house in South Carolina. Evonitz had a troubling history of criminal sexual behavior, but his friends and neighbors knew him as a good-looking, intelligent, and compassionate person living an ordinary middle-class life. Only his victims, teenage girls who were used to fulfil his twisted sexual fantasies, knew the monster inside of him.

Join us at the quiet end for One Lived to Tell: The Victims of Richard Marc Evonitz. On June 24, 2002, Evonitz imprisoned Kara Robinson in his apartment for 18 hours and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. After Kara managed to escape, Evonitz fled to Florida. In the end, it was Evonitz’s sister who tipped off the police, setting off a high-speed chase which would end his life of cruelty and violence.


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