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071: MAXIMIZE Your Aero Performance.

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Is aero completely ineffective unless you’re going warp speed? How do you test the real-world effectiveness of your aero package without a wind tunnel? And should you just trust the claims aftermarket aero companies are making about their products? This week, we’ve got Paul Lucas of Verus Engineering to help answer these questions and more.

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Verus Engineering is well known for the development of aero components for a range of popular enthusiast cars like the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ, MKV Supra, and Porsche GT3 just to name a few.

As Verus products are on the higher end of the market, this conversation provides an interesting look into how these aero pieces are first decided on, then designed, manufactured, and validated to ensure that the real-world performance matches the simulation data.

The ins and outs of popular aero devices — like swan-neck rear wings, for example — and how they work are also covered, which should give listeners a better understanding of what is and isn’t worth their time when they look to bite the bullet and invest in aerodynamics for more speed.

Paul studied engineering at university and has spent his career honing those skills in the automotive world. Besides founding and co-running Verus, he also contracts out to other companies and race teams for general motorsport engineering design services, and that means this episode is full of useful information and advice ready to be soaked up by any listener that’s looking to get into, or further their career in, the engineering side of our industry.

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