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072: Making BIG Power With 10 Cylinders and Plenty of Boost.

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How easy is it to throw a couple of turbos on a Huracan or R8 and go really fast? How much power can these V10s handle in stock form? And does knock even matter once we go to E85?

Alex Soto of Sheepey Race is here this week to talk us through these topics and plenty more.

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We’ve followed Alex and his business Sheepey Race for years now, so we’re stoked to have him on the podcast to discuss all things fast Hondas, DCT transmissions, and of course, twin-turbo V10 exotics.

Alex got his start in the Honda show car world before transitioning to chasing records instead of trophies in the import drag racing scene. This is common ground for a lot of our guests, and Alex goes some way into explaining what the appeal to Hondas was, and still is — especially in North America.

It was only on a whim that Alex decided to really push the limits of his finances and buy his first Lamborghini but, as anyone who has seen Sheepey Race’s work over the last few years is already aware, that snap decision paid off as the California-based outfit has quickly become one of the premiere go-to workshops for all things twin-turbo V10 Lambo and Audi.

This is an area that Alex now has a huge amount of experience in, and in this conversation, he details the initial development phase of his twin turbo packages, the many challenges faced when pushing anything from 1000hp to 2500hp out of these cars, and the financial realities of dealing with such high-end machinery.

How much power the stock V10 can take, the struggles of DCT transmissions at high horsepower levels, and more are gone over in detail.

This episode is also going to be super valuable for anyone in the industry — whether you’re a business owner or an employee — as Alex goes deep into how he started Sheepey Race in his garage and turned it into the big player in the exotic game it is today, sitting in a 36,000 sqft facility with 18 staff. Alex talks through some of the lessons he’s learnt as a boss and has some great advice for both employees and employers.

Follow Sheepey Race here:
YT: Sheepey Race
WWW: sheepeyrace.com

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