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101: What’s the Best Engine Platform to Learn Tuning On?

Tuned In
Tuned In

As every JDM fanboy knows, Nissan Skyline GT-Rs are fast — the question is, with the right knowledge and skills behind a GT-R, just how fast can these iconic 90s machines go? So far, the answer to that question is 6.37 at 224mph.

‘JUNII’ is the street-legal, AWD R32 GT-R that holds this record, and on this week’s episode of Tuned In, we get to sit down with the building and tuning force behind this insane machine, as well as many other record-setters — Con Tatsis of Croydon Racing Developments.

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Con didn’t start Croydon Racing Developments — he actually first walked through the doors as a work experience kid, before leaving school to take up a junior role at the highly-respected Sydney shop. Over the following years, Con would become a qualified mechanic and soak up all the tuning knowledge he could from the original owners, before taking over the business a few years ago.

In this conversation, we jump straight into some fairly intense discussions on everything tuning, including opinions on the drawbacks of rolling road and hub dynos, an interesting discussion on the best engine platform to learn to tune on, as well as the simple joys of tuning a simple NA motor to absolute perfection.

The chat then turns towards all things Nissan Skyline and RB, diving down a fair few rabbit holes as our host Andre tries to squeeze all the gold he can out of Con’s brain when it comes to building massive-power Nissan RB engines, 110mm turbos pushing nearly 100psi, dealing with 4WD launches at the sort of performance levels CRD is churning out, and more.

This conversation is a great look into the sharpest end of import tuning and racing, and with various record-breaking builds regularly hitting Sydney’s streets, dragstrips, and race circuits under his belt every weekend, Con is a voice well worth listening to.

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