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Tuned In

Field Report: A 900hp RUN IN Tune? 4G63 Madness.

Tuned In
Tuned In

When a team is just starting with 900hp in a street-driven 4g63 powered EVO drag car, you know big things are coming!

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Why a 4g63 instead of a 4g64, nitrous for turbo spool and a 400hp boost, fire ring cylinder sealing and more from Jimmy Assaad of ERS Evolution Racing Spares as he runs us through this street-driven roll racer that has its long-term sights set on the 1/4 mile.

Putting down 900hp at 50psi on a rolling road dyno using pump E85 to start with, this Micks Motorsport-built 4g63 is no joke, with 1500hp at around 80psi running methanol fuel being a longer-term plan for the drag strip with the addition of a few more Siemens fuel injectors. A Platinum Racing Products-supplied Precision 8085 Next Gen turbo takes care of the boost with an Emtron electronics package, including a KV12 ECU and ED10M dash logger managing almost everything on the car via 50 odd sensors.

The Bullet Cylinder Heads billet 4g63 block runs copper gasket & aluminium bronze fire ring cylinder sealing setup, aluminium rods, custom pistons and non-MIVEC head with aftermarket cams package, all combinations that have been tried and tested over the years.

With an 18-inch SSR wheel package for the street and a 15-inch Belak package for the track wrapped in 275 Hoosiers, no compromises need to be made when it comes to comfort vs. grip, and a Wilwood brake package still fits under the 15inch rim nicely to haul things up at the end of a run.

A paddle-shifted Holinger Engineering sequential, Active Traction Service (ATS) carbon clutch and a retained active centre differential (ACD) round off the drivetrain, with carbon clutches being more common in circuit racing but likely to hold up fine for drag racing, too.

At the time of filming, the immediate goals are to see what power can be made while still running pump E85 at 60-65psi of boost with a 400hp nitrous shot on tap for further testing.

Tuned In
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