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Field Report: Too FAST For Street Tyres — the RP968.

Tuned In
Tuned In

With WTAC moving from DOT-rated semi-slicks to full slicks, the RP968 was assured a faster lap time in 2023, and it delivered.

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Race engineer Dejan Ninic of Complete Analysis, an ex-WRC consultant amongst other accolades, gives us the rundown on the change from Yokohama Advans to full slicks for the 2023 edition of the World Time Attack Challenge.

The RP968 team & driver Barton Mawer managed to get the time down from their previous best of 1:19.27 to 1:17.86 over the course of the weekend, giving them the overall win for the 4th time in a row.

We also saw a massive jump up the time sheets from Cole Powelson, going from a previous best of 1:30:02 to a 1:25.94 in the Lyfe Racing R35 GT-R. The old S13 Hammerhead, now under new ownership and rechristened as Tanuki, also set a blistering 1:20.45 time on debut, noting the car has also had some huge changes to be dialled in and had to be retired before the end of the event.

The Open and Clubsprint classes also saw some new class records this year from the Xtreme GTR and DC Jap Automotive teams noting not all classes have had the same options in tyre open up to them either.

Note 2023 tyre restrictions for Pro and Pro-Am Classes were in place in regards to the car weight dictating the allowable tyre width and height, so while teams can now run slicks, there are still limitations.

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