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Field Report: You're Building Your 10,300rpm, 8 Second Subaru EJ All Wrong. Maybe.

Tuned In
Tuned In

Subaru engines don't have the best reputation for reliability in the aftermarket performance world, but is it just the design that is to blame like internet Subaru experts claim or are people actually following some incorrect advice and information?

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At the World Time Attack Challenge, Leigh Bird of Deshele Performance gave us some insight into what goes into building a reliable performance engine using a Subaru platform, and gave us some insight into his own approx 870hp Ej25 based build which is pushing 45psi through a Precision Turbo & Engine 7675.

Bearing clearances and common mistakes, oiling supply upgrades and head stud torque settings are discussed along with why Leigh used an automatic transmission from a Subaru SVX in this application. While we didn’t get in depth on it, there is also some interesting discussion about harmonics with 10,300rpm being hit in his own 8.80 second at 161mph drag application.

Also touched on is the use of nitrous (NOS) to get the turbo spooling to launch off the line, with a 75hp shot used for the entirety of 1st gear, and interesting all 45psi of boost being delivered throughout the run for now.

Also discussed are some of the engine specs for the EJ25 based build in the GC8 discussed, which runs a closed deck, 14mm head stud conversion, 2L 75mm stroker crank, longer steel rods and a single entry .95 housed Precision 7675 turbo.

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