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by Two Hot Takes
Two Hot Takes

All In A Day’s Work..


Two Hot Takes host, Morgan, is joined by guest co-hosts/besties, Lauren and Alejandra! The girl gang is all together for the first time!! They go in on stories related to work related dilemmas and problems in peoples relationships caused by work. They start with listener write ins where one woman is questioning if ending it with her fiancé was justified after he cheated due to a new job and another  woman whose coworker is crossing boundaries with her hubby! They then head into the reddit stories where a girl pretends to gets fired when customers lose their tempers, an individual who called her coworker chunky after she was bullied, a woman who is questioning going to HR over what her coworkers are calling her, a woman who moved into her boyfriends game room for work from home, and another woman whose boyfriend threw away all her fun work socks. 
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Episode 20

Season 1

by Two Hot Takes