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by Two Hot Takes
Two Hot Takes

Basic Hygiene.. It's Not So Basic


TW: poop, bad hygiene habits.

Two Hot Takes host, Morgan, is joined by guest co-host, Justin! They go in on stories related to basic hygiene or some individuals lack of it… Stories include a guy whose dad used his Manscaped ball buzzer on his face, a girl who is sharing a razor with her family, a woman whose husband doesn’t use toilet paper, a man whose girlfriend is possibly using his socks to wipe, an individual whose mom poops in their shower, a guy who’s getting in trouble for manscaping in the shower, a woman whose repulsed by her husband and his hygiene habits, another woman whose boyfriend has bad below the belt hygiene and keeps skid-marking her bed, and a guy who wants to approach his girlfriend about her shaving habits but doesn’t know how.

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Episode 19

Season 1

by Two Hot Takes