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Arrest warrant issued for Putin

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes in Ukraine

We also get an update from Bakhmut, the devastated city on the front line, and we speak to a woman whose husband was killed defending it last year. Through her organisation, Maemo Zhiti, Oksana now helps support other bereaved women across Ukraine.

Frank Gardner, the BBC’s security correspondent, brings Victoria and Vitaly up to date on the US drone brought down over the Black Sea and whether it could lead to direct confrontation between US and Russian forces.

And, as a Polish spy network is broken up, Greg Miller of the Washington Post talks through his work uncovering the spy war between Russia and the West.

Today’s episode is presented by Victoria Derbyshire and Vitaly Shevchenko.

The producers were Luke Radcliff with Arsenii Sokolov and Clare Williamson. The technical producer was Philip Bull. The series producer is Fiona Leach. The assistant editor is Alison Gee and the editor is Sam Bonham.

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