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The man in the woods

A Russian man determined to avoid mobilisation tells us he’s living in the forest so the authorities can’t find him and force him to fight. His wife delivers food and he has set up solar panels so he can carry on working as a software engineer from his tent.

The BBC’s world affairs editor Paul Adams has been out with Ukrainian engineers who are trying to keep homes and businesses connected to electricity as Russia continues to attack power stations.

And psychologist Olena Kovalchuk explains how she’s been helping Ukrainian teachers suffering from grief, anxiety and anger.

Today’s episode is presented by Victoria Derbyshire and Vitaly Shevchenko.

The producers were Arsenii Sokolov, Clare Williamson, Luke Radcliff and Josh Jenkins. The technical producer was Hannah Montgomery. The series producer is Fiona Leach. The assistant editor is Alison Gee and the editor is Sam Bonham.

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Join us for a recording of a special episode of Ukrainecast on 24 February to mark the one-year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We’re linking up with Newsnight for the event.

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