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Unashamed with the Robertson Family

Ep 640 | Phil’s Sermon to Drunk Cajuns Launched His Career & Jase’s Little League Confrontation

Phil once shocked the Superdome, packed with inebriated South Louisianians, with a gospel sermon. He didn’t know it, but that episode launched his speaking career! Jase’s heart for children led him to a confrontation with a Little League coach back in the day. The guys explore the nature of — and cure for — anxiety, which Jase identifies as the single biggest hurdle facing young people today. Plus, is the devil real? 

In this episode: 1 Peter 5, verses 1-4; Proverbs 3, verse 34; James 1, verse 13; James 4, verses 6-10; Luke 12, verse 25; Ephesians 4, verse 27; Ephesians 6, verse 11; Matthew 16, verses 21-24

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Unashamed with the Robertson Family
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