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Uncanny Meets Ghosts

Danny is joined by an actual Ghost - Laurence Rickard, who plays caveman Robin in the hit BBC sitcom Ghosts - for a special crossover episode. Laurence reveals the supernatural inspirations for the show, and tells Danny about his own real-life paranormal experiences.

You can also listen to Inside Ghosts, the companion podcast to the BBC hit show Ghosts, taking listeners behind-the-scenes on the brilliant new series. Each week Nathan Bryon, who plays Obi in the series, is joined by the Ghosts themselves to chat through the twists and turns of each episode, and to focus in on a particular Ghost each week.

Presented by Danny Robins
Editor and Sound Designer: Charlie Brandon-King
Music: Evelyn Sykes
Theme Music by Lanterns on the Lake
Produced by Simon Barnard

A Bafflegab and Uncanny Media production
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