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Uncut with Jay Cutler

Owners of NeverAsh Cigars Steve Rotondi and Tom Grilli discuss the cigar business, how they built their international relationships and their styles on Uncut with Jay Cutler


Jay sits down with the owners of NeverAsh Cigars, Steve and Tom, to talk about the art of cigar making and how their business evolved organically from their love of cigars. Steve also jokes about the wild way he met his cigar affiliate in the Dominican Republic and how that lead to them creating their own cigar brand. Tom also discusses how he quit his full time IT job over the vaccine mandate, and decided to go all in on the cigar business to try and set an example for his daughter. Jay also wants to know about how the cigars are reliably sourced in the Dominican Republic, and Steve and Tom talk about their culture and how precise their cigar process really is regardless of how many cigars they order. They also talk about how their cigars are made, what goes into them and the great care and attention that the rollers pay to every cigar they roll. This is a huge show for cigar lovers!