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Unexplained Encounters

11 TRUE Paranormal Activity Stories that will make you NEVER SLEEP AGAIN

Unexplained Encounters
Unexplained Encounters
Ghost stories are on the menu today featuring demons, hauntings, and reasons to NEVER sleep again

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0:00 INTRO
0:50 Demonic Attachment from ProudFenianWarrior
4:56 The Humming Lady from Lunarprophecy
12:11 Man in the Top Hat from Noah D.
22:48 A Little Christmas Shopping from Redscarecrow99
31:17 The Red Crayon from Anonymousviewerph22
34:02 House on the Farm from Reagan
41:31 The Woman in my Room from radnomaccount342
44:37 House of Renters from Medzie
50:37 Ghost Dog from SkittleMcDittle
52:33 Black Licorice from Strange.one.love
55:31 Something Dark in my Childhood Home from Vanna0416

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Unexplained Encounters
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