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Vega: A Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast!

Ep. 6: The One with the SiVan Priest


Vega got knocked out last time and how does that saying go again? While the cat's asleep, the mouse jumps in a time machine and helps himself to a few of her most painful memories? But don't worry, there's music! You and I may be emotional parasites feeding off this character's psychological pain, but c'mon. We're not monsters.

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0:00 "The End is Near" - Hill 3:00 - "String Quintent No. 10 'Solemn'" - Dee Yan-Key 5:46 - "Reign of the Wolf" - Bright Seed 8:20 - "Pesky Post Prophecy Pessimisms" - Dusty Hall 16:02 - "He's Hurtin' For a Huntin' (Part 1)" - Dusty Hall 19:10 - "He's Hurtin' For a Huntin' (Part 2)" - Dusty Hall