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by Erica Mallett
Wait, You What?

Wait, You What? Trailer


Wait, You What? Is the podcast that explores people’s surprising stories of struggle, lived experience and self discovery. 
Sometimes in life, shit happens that’ll catch you off guard - and when it does, it’s how you respond to it that’s defining. Each episode, host Erica Mallett gently asks the big questions to a new guest.
How do you come to terms with your sneezing fetish? How do you forgive yourself for compulsively lying to someone you love? How can making people like you help save the world? When your brain injury causes you to lose your entire personality, how do you rebuild it? 
Wait, You What? Is about the uniqueness of people’s stories, but also the ubiquitous things that connect us all to the same human experience; love, resilience, change, fear, shame and togetherness.



Season 1

by Erica Mallett