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Wanna Be

#121 Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Don’t Jealous Me and Opeyemi Sofoluke on Creating Your Lane


Welcome back to Wanna Be- the podcast takes you from where you are now to where you wanna be in 30 minutes or less.

I’m Imriel Morgan, Founder of Content is Queen a podcast agency and club for ambitious podcasters with phenomenal taste, high expectations and a desire to sound as good as I do now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here! Wanna Be’s focus is to help you take consistent action to build a successful life and career in the creative and entertainment industry.

Today I’m back with three inspiring guests who are going to help you:

  • Understand why seeing is believing
  • To be more playful and curious
  • How to start prioritising yourself and your wellbeing

Let’s get into it

Today’s guest is actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster who is a familiar face to many Brits listening. Sharon is best known for her role as Crystal Gordon in Bad Girls and as Trina Johnson on EastEnders; but she’s also had recurring roles in Top Boy and Sex Education.

The focus of this interview is help you find your place in the world and to carve out a lane that you can dominate. We also talk about taking back power in situations that you may find intimidating.

Let’s go...

We’ll come back to Sharon in a few minutes. I want you to get to know Opeyemi Sofoluke who is lead regional manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Facebook! Opeyemi has a few things to share, that I think you’ll relate to. Take it away. 

Yess to taking breaks and prioritising yourself. I can definitely relate. I’ve been reading Twice as Hard and I’m grateful this book exists as a blueprint for us to navigate our careers. You can get it in all major bookstores. Now back to Sharon.

I’ve really been watching Sharon on TV throughout my life and it was an honour to learn more about the woman behind all of the characters. You can catch Sharon on Sky One’s Intergalactic from the 30th April. Follow her on Instagram @ShazDB

Before we wrap up, Here’s comedian Don’t Jealous Me with some must-hear advice that’ll bring out the child in you.

That’s a wrap, thank you so much for listening. I hope this half an hour has made you think, reflect and contemplate what your next step should be.

I’d like to encourage you to think about one person who would benefit from the messages shared today and I’d love for you to share this episode with them, right now! If you’d like to hear the extended interview with Sharon, all you have to do is screenshot and share this episode to your Instagram stories and tag @contentisqueenhq.

Until next time…. Byeeee


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