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#76 Vashti Harrison: Creating Little Leaders For The Future (recovered)


The Wanna Be Podcast is back for a Black History Month special, and I’m going to be sharing the stories of phenomenal black women who are almost certainly making history with their work.

This week you’re in for a treat, ever since the Cartoonist series back in January I’ve wanted this week’s guest on the podcast and it was an absolute privilege to get this episode recorded in-person while she was here in London. My darlings you are about to hear from Illustrator, Author and filmmaker Vashti Harrison the brilliant Mind behind Little Leaders Bold Women in Black History which coincidentally is the Black History Month sponsor for this podcast. Vashti creates the cutest and most adorable drawing of little black girls that not only captures their innocence but their magic and strength too. My heart skips a little every time I open the Little Leaders book, and when you pick one up for yourself -or visit her social media you’ll understand why!

Today you’ll learn how Vashti maintains her incredible skill, why we should stop telling kids about ‘starving artists’, and how to get your parents to support your creative endeavours.

First I had to indulge my curiosity- I simply had to find out about the moment Vashti realised she was good at drawing and listen to what she had to say...

Follow Vashti on Twitter and Instagram @VashtiHarrison. Pick up a copy of Little Leaders on Amazon or at your local bookshop.



by Content Is Queen