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We Can Do Hard Things

259. The Cure for Emotional Isolation

We Can Do Hard Things
We Can Do Hard Things
How do we bring our full selves into our relationships without fear of rejection? 

Today, Abby shares more about what’s been happening in her life since she’s stopped “bright siding” including powerful truth-telling she’s unleashed in business and her family of origin.

Glennon shares how Abby embracing her full emotions has led to deeper intimacy and connection, and a feeling of “un-loneliness” in their partnership – the opposite of what Abby feared might happen. 

Plus, we discuss how toxic positivity and polarized dynamics in relationships can lead to emotional disconnection and loneliness. 

For the first part of our conversation, check out 258. Abby Asks, “Why Can’t I Love Myself?”

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We Can Do Hard Things
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