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We Don't Have Time For This

What's Your Erotic Language, eh, Gwyneth?


A-CHOO! Or so starts Gem, chock full of Spring Time allergies. Revzy wants her hair to grow out from Mumsy to something... less...Mumsy... and she has no time to wait. We hash out if hair supplements are really a thing or just a insta-cash cow and how do you say trichologist? No but actually, how do you say it? Then Revz MUST talk about Gwyneth and Sex Love & Goop and somebody STOP her. If you can imagine "sexy" and "gland" co-existing or the sentence "a vagina is not NOT a gill" then you'll enjoy this chat. Finally we get right into bloody fast-fashion and how the hell to get around our deep philosophical guilt when we buy fast, cheap, cute things that burn the planet and steal design IP. Help us! Help us solve it! Happy Tuesday Bestie Babes, we're glad you came along!