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We Don't Have Time For This

When Baby Has A Bully


Gem is Spring Cleaning in the most hard core way, but don't you DARE call it nesting, ok?! Her house got "washed" and it broke the internet so now she's on a mission to clean the (her) world. And Revz cleaned a draw. Hurray Revz. Today we wanna know, what do the teachers and carers want for Chrissy and can it be $4.50 only and should it really just be booze? Gem has a better idea. Then we hash out the politics of re-gifting. One of us is all for, and one of us finds it problematic. Then, our baby girls are being confronted with social dilemmas and it's breaking our goddamn hearts. When is it our job to step in (never?) and when is it out job to simply arm them with resilience and tools to take on the realities of life? And is it ever ok to bully a bully if the bully is, herself a baby? Then we talk way too long about a mars bar and we are only 4 more breakdowns from the end of the year, Besties! LET'S SMASH IT OUT

Kate | Mars Raspberry Smash
Gem | Luna Vista

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