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Weigh In with Gina

Gina Talks Day 75 - Winter 2023

Weigh In with Gina
Weigh In with Gina

Gina Livy's Facebook Lives from the Winter 2023 Weight Loss Group hosted on Facebook. This is a recording of the Day 75, 9 AM live. You can find the full video hosted at:


Topics covered:

  • What's coming with Week 11 tweaks, Weekends @ Intro
  • Gina's cozies (IG @shopdaisyaday) @ 6:50
  • Plateaus - reasons, what you can do, why you want them @ 9:30
  • Concerned about gaining weight back after losing it 
  • Member sharing thoughts re: program, about feeling good @ 21:34
  • Body changes including shoe size - try on your clothes @ 26:33
  • Goal weight - go with how you feel - going for more @ 31:03
  • Time of year, body increasing energy - moving your body @ 39:03
  • To have the birthday cake or not to have it - it's up to you @ 40:32
  • When the scale is up - it's not your weight going up @ 41:29

To learn more about the Livy Method, visit www.ginalivy.com.

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Weigh In with Gina
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