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Weigh In with Gina

Gina Talks Day 76 - Winter 2023

Weigh In with Gina
Weigh In with Gina

Gina Livy's Facebook Lives from the Winter 2023 Weight Loss Group hosted on Facebook. This is a recording of the Day 76, 10 AM live. You can find the full video hosted at:


Topics covered:

  • Intro - Dr. Rice on skin  @ Intro
  • Wk 11 Guidelines - Personalizing the Plan (PTP) - @1:45
  • Being proactive - PTP and checking in throughout the day @3:26
  • Losing lbs on this program vs other diets @7:35
  • Detox symptoms - can change, checking in with hcp @8:15  
  • Getting real about chocolate cravings @11:50
  • Breakfast ideas with food allergies @16:51
  • Rest days - mental health, listen to your body @19:22
  • Merchandise @23:00
  • Access to information after the program ends @27:50
  • Overeating and insulin response @29:50
  • Being in tune with your needs, fast energy vs sustaining energy @33:15
  • Be all in with this tweak @36:45

To learn more about the Livy Method, visit www.ginalivy.com.

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Weigh In with Gina
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