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Weigh In with Gina

Spill the Tea - Winter 2023: Week 11

Weigh In with Gina
Weigh In with Gina

This is the live recording of the Spill the Tea session with Gina, Group Manager Kim and Special Guests Deborah & Charmaine.

In this episode, Gina and Kim discuss:

  • Personalizing the Food Plan @ 6:46
  • Repeating the Program @ 19:47
  • Navigating the Gap Between Groups @ 25:38
  • Kim's Tips @ 31:22
  • Statistics from the Fall 2022 Group - breakdown of the stats @ 33:26
  • Special Guests - Deborah and Charmaine @ 38:24

Deborah and Charmaine then joined the conversation and shared how their journey is going, how they're feeling in Week 11 of the program and what their next steps are.

If you're in the Winter 2023 group, you can watch the full episode at:


To learn more about The Livy Method, visit www.ginalivy.com.

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Weigh In with Gina
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