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Work in Progress with Sophia Bush

Jamil Smith - Part 2 [re-release]

Work in Progress with Sophia Bush
Work in Progress with Sophia Bush

This episode was originally released on September 8, 2020. Jamil Smith is a talented journalist and Emmy-Award-winning television producer whose work explores a range of political and cultural topics including national affairs, race and racism, police brutality, feminism and gender roles, identity, and pop culture. Jamil joins Sophia on the podcast to discuss the depths of our country’s politics and culture, the Black Lives Matter movement, Breonna Taylor & Jacob Blake, the current climate in America, what it would really mean for us to love each other a little more…and so, so much more in this powerful, must-listen episode.

Executive Producers: Sophia Bush & Rabbit Grin Productions

Associate Producers: Samantha Skelton & Mica Sangiacomo

Editor: Josh Windisch

Artwork by the Hoodzpah Sisters

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Work in Progress with Sophia Bush
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