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13: Female power, Eros, and the inevitable passing of time with Julia Lally


In this episode, Julia and Erika share about their personal and professional experiences as a coach to bring you a beautifully deep and raw conversation about pleasure, sex, sex and aging, and female power. Below are a few of the things they cover in this episode.  

Sex, a literal and metaphorical concept of creation.

Sex is not only about feeling the sensations, although that is an indivisible part of it. Your body is a vessel where the universe can channel, through your sex, very powerful energy that can make an immense impact in your life and in the life of the people around you. Julia, more than a coach, is a sex magician and she believes that when you allow yourself to deepen your sexuality and enjoy your pleasure at its full expression, you get access to sexual ecstasy and you can anchor to your erotic power to create your life from that magical place. 

Female power, eros, and the inevitable passing of time.

Being a sensual woman, a lighthouse and a channel can put you in a vulnerable position, the world and some of the other women are not going to feel comfortable with you owning your erotic power and your wholeness, because it can be deeply triggering for them; and that can be painful for you. If to this potential conflict, you add the fact that mature women also shine their light and live their sensuality, you encounter a whole other trigger for people who hold themselves back: the fact that mature women also get to shine their light, show, and enjoy their sensuality, and harness their erotic power. 

So how can you live as your sensual and erotic self, enjoy your sexuality and leverage your sexual power? In this episode Erika and Julia reflect on their own journeys as embodied teachers, to share with you a word of acceptance and surrender that could help you ease the doubts and discomfort that comes with standing on your sexual power and living your truth. 

“But eventually, like, as you get access to your sensations, and you, you're more comfortable in your body and all the things that you were talking about, and you teach, that vessel starts to open. And so then the inevitable question is, well, it's all coming in from the universe. Where's it going? You know, where do I take this? Who's going to feel it? What impact that can have and maybe that's one of the reasons why female sexuality is so controlled repress. blardy blardy blar because you No, we're all conditioned to keep our vessels tiny. And then we have no impact.”[9.25]

“Because of that, you know, that beautiful flow of energy. So, like you said that doesn’t change as you age, you can still light up a room with your eros. It’s very subtle, it’s not kind of particularly out there, but you can see people respond.” [39.24]

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