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#142: Is There a Difference Between a Teacher and a Guru? With Tim Feldmann

Yoga Inspiration
Yoga Inspiration

Tim takes inspiration from David Bowie’s song ‘Heroes’ (and his own guru experience) to unravel the everpresent draw towards figures of leadership.

Yet, on a spiritual path, we face the choice to turn to our yoga teacher or an acclaimed guru. But really, what’s the difference?

Tim explores how the idea of ‘teacher’ is multifaceted. The person leading your class could be brand new to the space or have a lifetime of practice behind them. Regardless, they’re devoted to serving. Equally, a fellow yogi on the mat next to you is a teacher in their own right too.

The guru’s devotion, however, is to the liberation of souls. The guru shows us the big picture of life and can guide us to liberation. That power is a privilege and while worshipped, Tim makes no hesitation to address the injustice that can arise from such a position in society.

What it really comes down to is finding the empowerment to unlock our own authority on this journey. Whether that’s through a teacher or guru, you get to decide.

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