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#147: Accepting That The Bad Days Don’t Go Away, You Just Get Better At Them with Robert Mack

Yoga Inspiration
Yoga Inspiration

Have you ever noticed that the people who have been to the darkest of places are the same people who end up feeling immense peace and happiness? Happiness and positive psychology coach, Robert Mack, can attest to that.

Rob dug himself out of a dark hole by seeking out the people, places and activities that made him feel good. This sounds pretty simple until we learn the lesser talked-about fact that being in a deep depressive state can rob you of that knowledge.

So you have to start from scratch. Start small until the light starts returning. Keep observing what lights you up because, with momentum, you’ll have built yourself some “happiness islands”.

What also became apparent in this exploration of happiness is that even with the tools–or happiness islands–bad days are inevitable. Despite misconceptions, even yoga teachers and happiness coaches have bad days.

Perhaps you relate to the struggle of feeling like you ‘should’ feel happy but you don’t. Let's explore that. Because, what if happiness cannot be found through achievement? What if happiness is tangled in a false belief system?

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