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Yoga Inspiration

#149: A Meditation for Compassion from Mysore, India

Yoga Inspiration
Yoga Inspiration

While not one of us is a stranger to ruminating about the way we think, act or behave, leaving these thoughts unattended allows negativity to seep into our sphere.

It’s time to drop any frustrations or shortcomings you may be holding towards yourself.

By honoring the practice of mindfulness, you can catch these moments of negativity and plant seeds of positivity. Tending instead to self-compassion can not only improve the relationship you have towards yourself, but it offers the chance to appreciate that we’re all walking a similar path.

We’re all trying our best to tap into that infinite well of love. And, we’re all finding it just as challenging as the other, too.

Try a solution. Take a moment to tune into peace with this meditation from Mysore and offer yourself the loving kindness you deserve.

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Yoga Inspiration
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