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Yoga Inspiration

#152: Removing The Burden of Expectation

Yoga Inspiration
Yoga Inspiration

Tapas, the sacred fire we build with our vinyasa, lights up our inner flame. Whether that be consciousness, aspiration or purification, we honour the harmonisation of breath, body and mind. While in this sense we offer a continuation of ancient vedic rituals, it’s hard to ignore the contrasting desire to fixate on our outer worlds.

Will I ever reach the full embodiment of this pose? What time should I meditate each day? Should I change my diet? These are all questions that we find ourselves proposing once the power of yoga has enriched our lives. Yet, in this episode, we remember the bliss of ignorance. Or rather, asking the correct questions.

Because in reality, presence rules over any achievement. That harmony of breath, mind and body is the true state of yoga. Even when we witness the ever-changing nature of our bodies, trusting the process surmounts it all.

We must surrender control and trust the natural cycle of growth and development. The outcome? Sweet fruits.

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Yoga Inspiration
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