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Your Dream Life with Kristina Karlsson

#222 - THE HABIT REVOLUTION, with Dr Gina Cleo

Welcome back!

In recent years I’ve learned something I wish I’d learned at a very young age.

A key secret to success in life - and to achieving dreams - can be found in our daily habits. The simple unconscious things we do every day - and our ability to change them as we need to.

So, there’s no prizes for guessing I was extremely excited to spend time in conversation for this episode with the amazing Dr. Gina Cleo.

Gina is a leading habit change expert, PhD holder in habit change, adjunct professor at Bond University, accredited dietitian, and founder of the Habit Change Institute. And she has a wonderful personal story that led her to focus on habits.

You are going to learn so much as you take a front row seat on this conversation, including:

  • The true nature of habits and how they shape our daily lives.
  • Remarkable techniques you can use to rewire your brain to form & sustain good habits.
  • The myth of the 21-day habit formation and realistic expectations for habit change.
  • Personal stories of struggles and triumphs in habit management.
  • Practical tools and techniques for overcoming common habit-related challenges.

If you’ve ever set a goal to start a new habit or break an old one and you fell off the wagon, then you’re in the right place.

The good news is it’s reasonably simple and never too late to reprogram your habits and this conversation shines a light on how.

Discover evidence-based techniques to break free from unwanted habits and navigate setbacks to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Packed with practical insights, inspiring stories and surprisingly simple activities to try immediately, February in Platinum Coaching will guide you to success through the incredible power of habits.

Whether you're looking to break free from negative patterns or cultivate new, empowering habits, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable advice.

Tune in now to start building the dream life you've always wanted. Remember, it's never too late to transform your habits and, in turn, transform your life!

As always, I’d LOVE to hear what resonates with you from this episode and what you plan to implement after listening in. So please share and let’s keep the conversation going in the Dream Life Podcast Facebook Group here.

Have a wonderful week …and remember, it all starts with a dream 💛


Kristina 💛

Dream Life Founder

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  • Christian Neff’s book- "Self Compassion."


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