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Yowie Podcast

Empty Nest


When Aaron suffers an asthma attack while evading the Ranger's search party, Ian is separated from them by a surprise Yowie ambush. Outmatched by their supernatural abilities and ultimately left for dead, Ian loses his family forever and Mueller's true identity is finally revealed. For more chapters and further info, please visit our website at https://YowiePodcast.com Starring: Peter D. Flaherty, Christina Walls, Benji Groenewegen, Kevin Powe and Lauren Bailey Additional Voices: Nicole Maher, Holly Dodd, Justin P Bechtold Series Announcer: Kristin Holland Written, Produced and Directed by Justin P Bechtold Based on a story by Justin P Bechtold, Catharine Boothroyd, Amber Fresle, Kate Hanlon and Rachel Waller Music by Leon Ross Audio Production by James Shaw and Mitchell Waters Sound Design by Josh Walker Sound Production Facility: Music and Effects Recorded at RMIT Studios Melbourne, Australia 2017 ©Justintertainment 2018