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Nessie's Girl


When the circumstances of previous events force the Zoo staff onto the wrong boat in the middle of Loch Ness, they come head to head with a mysterious new group in a yellow submarine.

Zoo is created by C.J. Housh, Coni Kitts, and Codi Phillips.

This episode is written by Coni Kitts

The voice of McKayla Kespar is Coni Kitts

The voices of the Mothman and Amos provided by C.J. Housh

The voice of Alexander Beckett is Nathan Gandy

The voice of Barnes is Chris Meier

The voice of Titanium Violet is Lucille Valentine

The voice of Phineas Seagate is Robert Chauncey

The voice of Normandy is Fox Cooper

Opening narration by Jack Pevyhouse of Forest Guide. Follow him @aSpecificJack or @ForestGuideAD

Directed by Codi Phillips.

Sound Design by C.J. Housh

Original Music by Nathan Gandy

The Aquarium track in this episode is The Crypt of Boone Helm Remastered by TechnoAxe

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Episode 6

by Zoo Podcast