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by Vivien Allred
Hormones in Harmony

#87 Are You 'Too Fit' to Fall Pregnant with Samantha Kellgren


Samantha Kellgren is certified through ACE Fitness and the Integrative Women’s Health Institute as a preconception through postnatal health coach. She currently lives in Asheville with her husband, toddler, and dog. After being diagnosed with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, finding out it’s possible to be too fit to get pregnant, and undergoing IVF to have their son, Samantha made drastic changes to her unhealthy relationship with exercise and healthy eating. She now helps other women through the major mindset shifts it takes to stop overexercising and undereating so they can regain their cycles and get pregnant without going crazy!

We discuss:

Let’s talk more about your journey in your detail because this sounds like a very common scenario these days

What is hypothalamic amenorrhea ?

Why chronic cardio isn’t great for fertility & hormonal health

Importance of body fat & caloric intake for fertility

What are a few red flags that your food and fitness habits may be hurting your chances of getting pregnant?

Dealing with changing your exercise and weight gain, and finding a healthier way to move your body.


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No period, now what?

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by Vivien Allred

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