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My Unsung Hero

Alice Claus' Story

Alice and her sister are exhausted after a long flight to Budapest. Then a young man on the street offers help right when they need it.

Do you have your own story of an unsung hero? We'd love to hear it! Record a voice memo and email it to us at myunsunghero@hiddenbrain.org.

Some guidance:

-- Focus on ONE moment that you will never forget.

-- Make sure you're in a quiet, non-echoey room.

-- Speak conversationally, like you're talking to a friend (and please avoid reading from notes.)

-- Let us know how this person continues to impact your life.

-- If your hero were standing front of you today, what would you say? Address them directly.

-- Here are some tips on how to make a great recording on your phone.

Thank you!

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My Unsung Hero


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