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Once In A Fortnite

Inside Fortnite 3 - I Urge You To Listen To This One

Sorry for the late Upload. You'll be getting a double dose of OIAF. Next Episode on Wed. with the return of my Lovely wife Ashley. TODAY however we have The Urgist creator of the best and most comprehensive Fortnite 101 forum on the fortnite storm chasers tab. To get a hold of us go to one of these threatx3productions.com Threat X3 on Facebook Twitter @HopeCountyRadio @RockySlackers @OnceFortnite Discord RMS - https://discord.gg/nsjnv4d Once in a Fortnite - https://discord.gg/WEmPkv7 Hope County Radio Discord - https://discord.gg/bbSW8f3 To Support us and keep us making awesome content. Go to patreon.com/threatx3productions

Once In A Fortnite


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