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Parenting Autism

E88: Our Amazing "Deliver the Dream" Autism Family Retreat

This episode is a conversation about our recent weekend retreat with the Deliver the Dream and other autism families. We are humbled and honored that we were selected to be the guests of this incredibly kind and loving organization. It was such a beautiful opportunity to meet other autism families and share laughter, tears, our stories, and suggestions. It was a judgment-free zone that our families were able to enjoy without inquisitive questions, stares from strangers, or a need to apologize.

The Colter Family will be forever grateful for the kindness and love that was poured upon us for three days. We hope that our listeners will learn from this episode that these organizations and opportunities exist. The autism journey can feel isolated and lonely at times. Please remember that you are not alone!

Bryce is a funny, mechanical, HAPPY little guy who was diagnosed with autism at age two and is now eight years old. His pure joy makes this world a much better place!

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We are humbled and honored to follow our calling and be Autism Ambassadors while helping others understand our world a little more than they did before listening to the podcast. We also feel called to bring light to a community that has experienced dark days after the "diagnosis". (Luke 1:79)

You can follow us on our Parenting Autism Youtube Channel (Parenting Autism Show) and our Facebook & Instagram pages to see stories, pictures, and videos of our autism journey.
You can also contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or by email: parentingautism@att.net.

Our website is: www.ParentingAutismShow.com

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