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E89: Our Visit with Bryce's New Autism / MAPS / Functional Medicine Doctor

This episode is a conversation about our visit to Bryce's new autism doctor. This type of doctor is also referred to as a MAPS doctor (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs), a DAN doctor (Defeat Autism Now), or a Functional Medicine doctor.

Our first autism doctor experience helped us achieve our goals for Bryce. After a difference of opinion for the next steps and a bit of a plateua/regression, we felt led to make a change with a fresh perspective as we move into the future.

It was a great decision! We are thrilled to see Bryce progressing again with some changes that we were advised to make with his supplements. Bryce had his first experience with a hyperbaric chamber. The autism doctor visits have definitely been "information overload" but each of them have been well worth the investment due to the positive results we have seen with Bryce.

Bryce is a funny, mechanical, HAPPY little guy who was diagnosed with autism at age two and is now eight years old. His pure joy makes this world a much better place!

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We are humbled and honored to follow our calling and be Autism Ambassadors while helping others understand our world a little more than they did before listening to the podcast. We also feel called to bring light to a community that has experienced dark days after the "diagnosis". (Luke 1:79)

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