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Checks and Balance: Ukraine relief

“The world should see the outrageous acts for what they are." Joe Biden pulled no punches when condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week. So far, America has led efforts to support Ukraine’s fight against the aggressor next door. But with Vladimir Putin calling up more troops, and again threatening to use nuclear weapons, is this support sustainable? And, with the midterm elections poised to change the balance of power in Congress, can Mr Biden continue to rely on backing for his Ukraine policy at home

Jeremy Shapiro of the European Council on Foreign Relations explains how America’s approach to Ukraine has been a success so far—and the risks it now faces. We go back to another time the United States supported an ally without putting boots on the ground. And the American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka discusses how Republicans might respond to the war in Ukraine in the future. 

John Prideaux hosts with Charlotte Howard and Idrees Kahloon.

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