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The Grant Williams Podcast

This Week In Doom Ep. 2 - Rory Johnston PREVIEW

Episode Two of This Week In Doom sees The Chicken and me welcome our first guest, Rory Johnston whose work at his Substack, Commodity Context, is absolutely indispensable and, given the current dynamics in energy markets, looks set to become more so with each passing week.

In this fascinating discussion, Rory walks us through the oil industry from some basic concepts to some of the more nuanced factors affecting supply and demand and offers a set of insights rooted in years of experience analyzing the sector for one of Canada’s biggest banks.

From pipelines to politics, Rory breaks down the oil & gas sector with the precision of a surgeon, proving exactly why he was the perfect opening guest on This Week In Doom as we try to bring under- followed analysts and content creators to a broader (and deserved) audience...

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