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  1. Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

    Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

    “Health has become overcomplicated. I aim to simplify it” In this podcast, we hear stories from leading health experts and exciting personalities who offer easy health life-hacks, expert advice and debunk common health myths giving you the tools to revolutionise how you eat, sleep, move and relax. Hosted by Dr Chatterjee - one of the most influential GPs in the country with nearly 20 years experience, star of BBC 1’s Doctor In the House, and author of international best-selling book ‘The 4 Pillar Plan’ – Feel Better, Live More aims to inspire, empower and transform the way we feel. When we are healthier we are happier because when we feel better we live more. Find out more on drchatterjee.com/podcast. Follow me on instagram.com/drchatterjee, twitter.com/drchatterjeeuk and facebook.com/DrChatterjee. Find out about Dr Chatterjee’s best-selling books The 4 Pillar Plan, The Stress Solution and Feel Better in 5.

  2. Happy Place

    Happy Place

    Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them.

  3. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

    On Purpose with Jay Shetty

    My name is Jay Shetty, and my purpose is to make wisdom go viral. I’m fortunate to have fascinating conversations with the most insightful people in the world, and on my podcast, I’m sharing those conversation with you. New episodes Mondays and Fridays. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Live life today ON PURPOSE.

  4. Get Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories

    Get Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories

    Relax and fall asleep with Get Sleepy's unique combination of sleep meditation, followed by a calming story that lets you drift off to a peaceful slumber.

  5. The Mindset Mentor

    The Mindset Mentor

    The Mindset Mentor™ podcast is designed for anyone desiring motivation, direction, and focus in life. Host Rob Dial has amassed a passionate following of over 2 million social media followers, including business professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with his expertise and passion for helping motivate people to become the best version of themselves. Rob challenges his audience to live a life of love and purpose. Rob has been featured in Forbes and Inc. for his ability to connect with his listeners. Over the past 15 years he has studied with some of the greatest thought leaders of our time like Tony Robbins, Ram Dass, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jay Shetty and many more. Tune in if you're ready to take your life to the next level. Follow Rob on Instagram @RobDialJr https://www.instagram.com/robdialjr/

  6. UnF*ck Your Brain

    UnF*ck Your Brain

    UnF*ck Your Brain is the podcast for high-achieving feminist women who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. If you know you’ve accomplished a lot professionally but still secretly feel like you’re unqualified….if you want to feel confident but you worry about what everyone else thinks about you...if you want to succeed but fear failure...this podcast is for you. In each episode Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., will teach you how to overcome social conditioning and your own self-critical thoughts so that you can reduce your anxiety and insecurity, boost your self-confidence, and get what you want in life. Download a free guide to creating confidence at www.unfckyourbrain.com/podcastconfidence.

  7. Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep

    Nothing much happens; bedtime stories to help you sleep

    Having trouble sleeping?  Join Yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai for bedtime stories where nothing much happens to help you relax and sleep peacefully. The stories are a soft landing spot for your mind. Rather than letting your brain race through the same thoughts you’ve been chasing all day, we are taking a detour to a calm and comfy place. We tell the story twice and go a bit slower the second time. Buy the book now! http://hyperurl.co/NothingMuchHappens

  8. Do You F*****g Mind?

    Do You F*****g Mind?

    Mindset hacks to live the most badass life. All things self growth, self love, relationship and learning to give less of a f**k will be discussed here, with some neuroscience thrown in for good measure.

  9. Ladies, We Need To Talk

    Ladies, We Need To Talk

    Want to know how to close the orgasm gap? Riding your hormonal rollercoaster blindfolded? Can’t find contraception that works for you? You’re not the only one. Ladies, We Need To Talk is a show for women, by women, and dives head first into the tricky and taboo topics we often avoid talking about. Join host Yumi Stynes as she tears open the sealed section on life. Or contact us at ladies@your.abc.net.au

  10. Sex With Emily

    Sex With Emily

    Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily by emailing feedback@sexwithemily.com. For more sexy fun, including blogs, photos, videos or to stream this show, visit sexwithemily.com.

  11. NHS Couch to 5K

    NHS Couch to 5K

    Couch to 5k is a running plan designed to get complete beginners from being a couch potato to running 5k (or 30 minutes) in nine weeks.

  12. How Did We Get Here?

    How Did We Get Here?

    In this new original series from Somethin' Else, Claudia Winkleman and Professor Tanya Byron identify struggles faced by real-life parents and family members by inviting them in and hearing their story, in a one-time unscripted session with a real person. Claudia listens in to the conversation to discover how Tanya begins to unlock the story behind the issue and help find solutions. With topics ranging from parental estrangement, gender identity, domestic violence, trauma, inheriting mental health issues, family dynamics after cancer and raising a severely disabled daughter, How Did We Get Here? is a passionate, insightful and moving experience with clear outcomes to each episode. This podcast doesn’t tell people how to raise their children, or reconnect with family members, rather it helps people understand why, as perfectly competent adults, they can’t put into practice what they know they should do. Each episode passes on useful links and contacts which listeners can find in the programme notes. This is a Somethin' Else production.

  13. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

    Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

    Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical ABC News anchor who had a panic attack live on "Good Morning America," which led him to try something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He went on to write the bestselling book, "10% Happier." In this podcast, Dan explores happiness (whatever that means) from all angles. Guests include legendary meditation teachers -- from the Dalai Lama to Western masters -- as well as scientists, and even the odd celebrity. But the show also ventures beyond meditation, bringing on leading researchers in areas such as social anxiety, bias, creativity, productivity, and relationships. The animating insight of this show is that the mind is trainable. This is what science is showing us. Mental traits such as happiness, calm, generosity, compassion, and connection are not hardwired, unalterable factory settings; they are, in fact, skills that can be trained. On this show, you'll learn how.

  14. Sleep With Me

    Sleep With Me

    Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. So get in bed, press play, close your eyes, and drift off into dreamland.

  15. The School of Greatness

    The School of Greatness

    Lewis Howes is a New York Times best-selling author, 2x All-American athlete, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. The School of Greatness shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet—world-renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature—to inspire YOU to unlock your inner greatness and live your best life.

  16. The Imperfects

    The Imperfects

    We're all imperfect. On this podcast, Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project chats to a variety of interesting people who are willing to make themselves vulnerable, by sharing their own struggles and imperfections. Hugh and good friend Ryan Shelton then discuss some valuable take aways we can all apply to our own imperfect lives.

  17. The Space

    The Space

    Welcome to The Space, a mindfulness podcast that’s not like the others. Join Casey Donovan on a mini escape each morning and evening with short (and cringe free) meditations, motivations and tips on how to improve your day. The Space is mindfulness for the rest of us, written by wellness expert, Amy Molloy.

  18. Health Report - Full program podcast

    Health Report - Full program podcast

    Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.

  19. Open Mind with Frankie Bridge

    Open Mind with Frankie Bridge

    1 in 4 people experience mental health problems every year – half of them say that isolation and shame is worse than the condition itself. In Open Mind, Frankie Bridge opens up about her ongoing journey from her breakdown to her breakthroughs, and invites her guests to share their own experiences with mental health. In opening up about her battles, Frankie hopes to help a generation of people to be more open about their mental health. Speak out. Ask for help. And be helped. Open Mind, the podcast accompanies Frankie’s forthcoming book ‘OPEN’ which will be published in February 2020.

  20. Maintenance Phase

    Maintenance Phase

    Debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice.

  21. The Joe Wicks Podcast

    The Joe Wicks Podcast

    What’s the one thing that makes life better? Joe Wicks asks some of his inspiring mates about their secret to physical and mental happiness. This is sunshine in a podcast.

  22. Tales by the Fireside - Bedtime stories and sleep meditation

    Tales by the Fireside - Bedtime stories and sleep meditation

    Weekly stories for both adults and children, Specially crafted to help you sleep. Old favourites, new creations and interesting information carefully selected and lovingly read for you, with the sole intention of giving you a good nights sleep. Designed for you to press play, maximise the screen and put your device down, with the crackling of the fire to soothe you, and the story to play out in your mind. Please join our thriving Facebook Community at facebook.com/talesbythefireside. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  23. The Rise & Conquer Podcast

    The Rise & Conquer Podcast

    This podcast is for those who want to take ownership of their lives, live unapologetically and are ready to turn their dreams into reality. The Rise & Conquer podcast will provide the tools and actionable steps that will inspire you to take bold action, feel confident within yourself and conquer your goals. Join me and special guests weekly as we chat about all things health, mastering your mindset, creating lasting habits, thriving in your career and relationships plus so much more! Georgie x

  24. Guided Sleep Meditations

    Guided Sleep Meditations

    We create guided sleep meditations that help people relax and fall asleep fast. Tracks To Relax is the perfect way to calm you mind and body at bedtime. So get nice and comfortable in a place where you can enjoy a wonderful sleep, slip on your headphones and relax completely as you listen to one of our soothing sleep meditations.

  25. Slimming World Podcast

    Slimming World Podcast

    Now sponsored by Slimming World! (Episode 61 onwards) 'A group between group' made by and for Slimming World members! Between them, Anna and Clare have collected 22 years on their weight loss journeys, lost 9 stone and been members of over 30 groups. Got a question? Email slimmingworldpodcast@gmail.com or find us on Instagram. Presented by Anna Mangan and Clare Freeman. Produced by ASFB Productions. Please note: The info we share is based on our personal weight loss experiences. Always check with your consultant or a health professional when following a weight loss plan.

  26. KIC POD


    Welcome to the KIC POD. Your weekly D&M on the stuff that matters. Hosted by Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, founders of Keep It Cleaner, an online fitness program motivating thousands all over the world to live a happier and healthier life. To learn more you can find them on Instagram at @keepitcleaner, @stephclairesmith and @laurahenshaw or visit their website at: www.keepitcleaner.com

  27. The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

    The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

    We are seeing an ever-increasing burden of chronic disease, primarily driven by our food and food system. This is perpetuated by agricultural, food and health care policies that don’t support health. We need to rethink disease and reimagine a food system and a health care system the protects health, unburdens the economy from the weight of obesity and chronic disease, protects the environment, helps reverse climate change and creates a nation of healthy children and citizens. This podcast is a place for deep conversations about the critical issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food and politics. New episodes are released every Wednesday morning. I hope you'll join me. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  28. The Melissa Ambrosini Show

    The Melissa Ambrosini Show

    Melissa Ambrosini is a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur, best known for her wildly popular books ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ and ‘Open Wide’. In this show, Melissa delivers everything you need to experience epic personal growth and transformation in your life. With a powerful mix of expert interviews, motivational minisodes and mic-dropping wisdom, you’re always only one episode away from upgrading your mindset, getting that ‘aha’ moment you’ve been craving, and stepping ever closer to your dream life. Please rate and review if you enjoy the show.

  29. The James Smith Podcast

    The James Smith Podcast

    Everyday waffle from the fitness industry's no nonsense personal trainer.

  30. New Mindset, Who Dis?

    New Mindset, Who Dis?

    Hi, I’m Case Kenny (@case.kenny on Instagram) and this is my twice weekly podcast where I offer practical thoughts on self improvement, mindfulness and how to live your best life. It’s a different kind of podcast. I'm just a dude living his life sharing some perspective. No gurus, no fluff and no preaching of generic life advice… just my thoughts on self-help, wellness, and mindsets with practical and personal insights on how to live a passionate, purposeful and happy life. Join me Mondays and Thursdays. Let's go!

  31. The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

    The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

    Gabby Logan is middle-aged and unashamed. But what does it mean to be at the halfway stage of your life? Here, Gabby talks candidly to well-known faces about their own midlife challenges and expectations, drawing on the advice of experts from sleep gurus, nutritionists, and doctors specialising on hormone treatment. With upcoming guests including John Bishop, Claudia Winkleman, and Denise Lewis, now’s the perfect time to press ‘subscribe’

  32. My Amazing Body

    My Amazing Body

    My Amazing Body is a podcast where we explore interesting, unknown and misunderstood parts of your body with help from medical experts and stories from real Queenslanders.

  33. Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast

    Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast

    Welcome to the Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast where you get Real advice from Real Doctors to help you lose weight and revolutionise your health not just now but permanently. You can change your future, starting now.  Imagine if everything you had been told about weight loss was wrong.  We are here to bust through some myths and give you actionable advice. Real Health and weight loss is a journey and we, your hosts Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns from Real Life Medicine are here with you every step of the way. 

  34. Strength Changes Everything

    Strength Changes Everything

    The Exercise Coach co-founder Brian Cygan and franchisee Amy Hudson present: The Strength Changes Everything Podcast. Learn from Brian, Amy and other experts on what matters most in your nutrition and fitness. The Exercise Coach’s unique two 20-minute workouts a week is how thousands across the United States get and stay in great shape. This podcast gives you the facts, from the experts, in easy-to-understand lessons so you can take control of your life.

  35. Daily Meditation Podcast

    Daily Meditation Podcast

    A Library of Meditations at Your Finger Tips. Be happy, healthy, more at peace, and sleep better as you're greeted every morning with a daily guided meditation technique. Feel as though you're seated next to your personal meditation teacher Mary Meckley as she takes you on a weekly journey to manage your emotions. New themes each week based on an emotion with different daily meditation techniques to manage stress triggers. You are so worth slowing down for.

  36. You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer

    You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer

    The coolest club you never want to be a part of… A candid look at cancer, with Steve Bland, Deborah James and Lauren Mahon.

  37. Medical Medium Podcast

    Medical Medium Podcast

    How many people do you know who struggle with their health? Chances are, whether they show it or not, most of the people in your life do. And chances are, you’re one of them — whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, endometriosis, pcos, acne, eczema, psoriasis, autoimmune, thyroid conditions, lyme disease, brain fog, or fatigue. You’re far from alone. Living with symptoms has become the new normal. Much of the time, people coexist with their ailments, accepting them and never questioning why science and research hasn’t offered answers, as suffering has become the status quo. Sometimes though — an increasing amount of the time now — people’s symptoms start to impede their quality of life. They start to lose joys and privileges. They join the hidden army of those stuck at home or even in the hospital with mystery health issues. As they consult doctor after doctor and expert after expert and have trouble functioning on a day to day basis, their spark starts to go. They lose hope. No one is safe from becoming ill. With what were up against in today’s world and what that’s doing to our bodies, nobody is guaranteed that one day down the road, they won’t develop their first set of symptoms when they least expect it. This knowledge is not about living in fear. It’s about not living in denial. Join Anthony William, the Medical Medium, for this eye opening podcast, where he shares unique, original, advanced medical information decades ahead of science and research, that millions all around the world are already using to heal, and overcome chronic illness. If you want to keep the wool over your eyes, this podcast isn’t for you. Anthony William, the Medical Medium, the originator of the global celery juice movement and #1 New York Times best-selling author of the Medical Medium Book Series, including his newest book Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal, was born with the unique ability to converse with the Spirit of Compassion, who provides him with advanced medical information that’s ahead of research and science. Anthony has over 30 years of experience working with countless individuals, and helping doctors solve mysterious health cases.

  38. This Naked Mind Podcast

    This Naked Mind Podcast

    Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgement. Ready to make a change? Join The Alcohol Experiment - a FREE 30-day challenge designed to deliver happiness, wellbeing and self-respect. Check out The Alcohol Experiment at alcoholexperiment.com

  39. The MIMIBEE Podcast

    The MIMIBEE Podcast

    The MIMIBEE Podcast is a bi-weekly show hosted by Mimi Bouchard. It features segments on motivation and success, transformation stories, health and fitness, love and relationships, and interviews with professionals in their fields. The host Mimi is a self-proclaimed Transformation Specialist. She has undergone the most incredible transformation herself - she went from being very insecure, financially stressed, depressed, lost in life... to absolutely owning her craft and stepping in to her power. Mimi has drastically revolutionized her career, body, relationships, and her mindset. Every episode is incredibly inspiring and highly motivational. If you're looking to upgrade your life in any way, you're in the right place! Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-mimibee-podcast/donations

  40. Deliciously Ella

    Deliciously Ella

    Confused about health and wellness? Each week we interview an expert to bring a little inspiration to your life - from gut health to mental health and anxiety, how to make sustainable changes, finding happiness, what happens to our brains when we exercise, skincare 101, dealing with stress, veganism and the environment and so much more. Hosted by Ella Mills, the founder of Deliciously Ella, this podcast brings you open, honest conversation around mental and physical health.

  41. Make It Simple

    Make It Simple

    My name is Andrea and I am a mother of 4 girls under 7, wife to a mountain man, a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Owner of DFH Training. I have been featured in People and on Good Morning America and I truly love all things woman's health and fitness. But lets face it, the fitness industry is complicated and it feels like the everyday mom doesn’t fit the mold. There is so much conflicting information and you're busy and don't have time to figure it all out. That’s why I have made it my mission to simplify Health and Fitness while creating a welcoming, realistic and empowering space for like minded women. I am happy you're here and I hope you stay a while.

  42. Why Are Dads?

    Why Are Dads?

    Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed attempt to understand what the hell it means to be the grown children of dads and other dad-like figures. And, as they do with all difficult subject matter, they do so by looking through a pop culture lens.

  43. The goop Podcast

    The goop Podcast

    Gwyneth Paltrow and goop's Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen chat with leading thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors—from doctors to creatives, CEOs to spiritual healers—about shifting old paradigms and starting new conversations.

  44. The Self Love Fix

    The Self Love Fix

    The self love fix podcast is a podcast dedicated to helping young women delve deeper into their inner child to help them cultivate within themselves self love, self worth, and high self esteem. Join Host and Inner Child Healing coach, Beatrice Kamau as you laugh, cry, grow, and learn the truth of who you are and what you deserve.

  45. The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast

    The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast

    Welcome to The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast with Dr Rupy Aujla. Covering a range of topics from the principles of healthy eating to how to prevent and treat illness, Dr Rupy and his panel of experts draw on the latest research to give you actionable tips to help supercharge your health.What you choose to put on your plate is one of the most important health interventions anyone can make. Dr Rupy's cooksbook, The Doctor's Kitchen and his latest, Eat To Beat Illness, are out now all good bookshops and ebook.

  46. The Health Code

    The Health Code

    Welcome to The Health Code! A fun, informative, unfiltered and real podcast run by health and fitness YouTuber, Sarah's Day and professional photographer, content creator, Personal Trainer and... Sarah's boyfriend, Kurt Tilse. This dynamic duo are here to crack the code on all things health, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and building your dream career. Get ready, because they're about to reveal some serious tips, tricks and healthy hacks!

  47. Luke Darcy's Success Without Stress

    Luke Darcy's Success Without Stress

    Is success without happiness and life-balance the ultimate failure? Luke Darcy aims to find out on Success Without Stress.

  48. How Do You Cope? …with Elis and John

    How Do You Cope? …with Elis and John

    Elis James and John Robins talk to a range of guests about the challenges and hurdles they've faced in their own lives, whilst asking the question... How Do You Cope?

  49. She Loves Herself

    She Loves Herself

    Life & Empowerment Coach Jill Ritchie gets in to the nitty gritty with her guests opening up them to embrace vulnerability & truth. WARNING - This podcast may triggger you. Unearth Your Power is a 21 day life transformational course created & run by Celebrity Life & Empowerment Coach Jill Ritchie. In 21 days you’ll be able to release your limiting beliefs, fear based thoughts & unearth your power within. Visit our website www.unearthyourpower.com and use SLH50 to get £50 off.

  50. Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove

    Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove

    If you are one of the many people who can’t sleep, join us in listening to our Podcast. You’ll hear relaxing sleep hypnosis, guided sleep meditations and bedtime stories – all designed to help you relax and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

  51. LSF Hypegirls Podcast

    LSF Hypegirls Podcast

    Welcome to your ultimate HYPE GIRLS PODCAST! You are joined by global women’s transformation coach Lauren Simpson, and Brand Lead / Content Strategist Henny Moody. Listen up for a dose of: real talks, hard truths and practical advice. We are here to help empower you to be your real, raw and authentic self. Chatting all things: fitness, beauty, lifestyle, relationships, relatable girly issues and unto date trending topics. Tune in honeys your hype girls are here!

  52. End Eating Disorders

    End Eating Disorders

    The podcast to end eating disorders. It's time to put an end to the many myths and stigma that surround Eating Disorders. There is hope. Hosted by Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Millie Thomas. Produced by Castco Media

  53. The Peter Attia Drive

    The Peter Attia Drive

    Expert insight on health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence. Dr. Peter Attia (Stanford/Hopkins/NIH-trained MD) talks with leaders in their fields.

  54. Self Care Club: Wellness, road tested

    Self Care Club: Wellness, road tested

    Lauren Mishcon and Nicole Goodman are the Self Care Club. Part reality, part experimental, this podcast tests out self care, so you don’t have to. With new episodes coming out every Tuesday, we’re trying it all - from menstrual cups to face yoga!

  55. Working In

    Working In

    Working In is a series dedicated to helping you care for your most important organ. You'll learn about how to optimise your brain health and mental well-being through a series of bitesize interviews with the world's leading scientists and experts. Host, Dan Murray-Serter, co-founder of brain care company, Heights, interviews guests ranging from celebrities like Stephen Fry and Jay Shetty, to neuroscientists Dr Tara Swart and Professor Sophie Scott, and brilliant doctors like Rangan Chatterjee and Daniel Amen, and many more. You'll leave each episode feeling inspired, empowered, and armed with tools to help you take care of your brain and reach your heights, whatever they might be. You can learn more about Heights @yourheights and [www.yourheights.com](http://www.yourheights.com) and Dan @danmurrayserter on social media. You'll leave each episode having learned how to develop yourself, help others and be armed with ideas that will help you reach your heights, whatever they might be. You can learn more about Heights @yourheights and http://www.yourheights.com and Dan @danmurrayserter on social media. You can also receive an exclusive £10 off a quarterly subscription (how long science says it takes to feel the benefits) at Heights with the code 'workingin' ♥️

  56. Going for Goal

    Going for Goal

    As we enter a new decade, Women’s Health is re-branding resolutions with holistic health in mind. Each week, Senior Editor Roisín Dervish-O’Kane will call upon the expertise of qualified professionals in health, fitness, nutrition and emotional wellbeing, to bring you the goals worth shooting for in January and beyond, along with actionable advice on how to achieve them.

  57. Sexy Stories with Chantelle Otten Sexologist

    Sexy Stories with Chantelle Otten Sexologist

    Chantelle Otten is a Sexologist, who is here to read out YOUR erotic literature. YEP! You email her your best erotic story at sexystories@chantelleotten.com and she brings that story to life through this podcast. This podcast contains mature language and sexual themes, so please be wary of little ears. Follow Chantelle for her modern, sex-ed for adults on instagram @chantelle_otten_sexologist

  58. Radio Headspace

    Radio Headspace

    Join Andy Puddicombe every weekday morning to take a few moments to step out of the internal chatter and external noise. We'll pause and reflect to consider what brings us together in this shared human condition and how we can live a life that best reflects our limitless potential.

  59. Myprotein's The Scoop

    Myprotein's The Scoop

    Welcome to Myprotein’s brand-new sports and fitness podcast, The Scoop, with David Alorka where we get to grips with some of the most nail-biting, intense, and controversial topics in the fitness and sporting world.     Discussed in homes, pubs, gyms everywhere, this is where you can get the scoop from the experts.     We’ll be asking world-renowned sporting heroes and experts for the answers to the toughest questions in health, fitness, and sports.   From the No.1 sports nutrition brand, Myprotein, listen and subscribe to The Scoop to get answers to the questions no one’s ever dared to debate. Until now. 

  60. The Light Show

    The Light Show

    Fancy seeing you here! Welcome to The Light Show with me, Alex Light. This podcast will dive into topics that mean a lot to me - confidence, body image, beauty and self-acceptance. Ready to start loving the skin you're in? You're in the 'Light' place! (Did you get that? Did you love it? I did. Very proud)

  61. BodyLab


    Produced by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, BodyLab podcast features our world leading researchers exploring the science behind having a healthy mind and body.

  62. The Good Bits

    The Good Bits

    Erotic audio dramas that will charm the pants off you. Each episode will inspire your desire with a sexy story from a bestselling novel. The Good Bits is diverse and feminist, sex-positive and anti-shame. We believe that sex can be fun and flirty, seductive and slutty, romantic and indulgent—but still wear a fabulous dress that leaves something to the imagination. Feel good with sexy stories by Sierra Simone, Fiona Zedde, Alessandra Torre, Claire Connolly, JL Peridot, Katrina Jackson, Madeline Ash and Stefanie London. Sound by Bang Bang Studios.18+

  63. Mental Health Today

    Mental Health Today

    John Cordray is a licensed therapist and a leading voice for emotionally healthy living. Discover what's keeping you from living the life you desire. Learn what to do with anxiety, anger, depression, relationship conflicts as well as other emotions and behaviors that can prevent us from living a fulfilling life. John P. Cordray, LPC, NCC Helping you feel better about life. Contact: john@johncordray.com www.johncordray.com

  64. The Daily Swole

    The Daily Swole

    Fitness Without The BS - LIVE every single day on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram

  65. Awaken Inspire Transform with Jeffon Seely

    Awaken Inspire Transform with Jeffon Seely

    The Awaken Inspire Transform Podcast is designed to empower people to soar into greater levels of personal and professional success. We take a spiritual approach helping us overcome internal barriers, remove stress, overwhelm, and fear which enables us to connect to our greatest self. In this podcast, Jeffon will inspire you to awaken to your highest potential, identify and cultivate your gifts, in addition to having real discussions that allow us to better navigate the world we find ourselves in. This podcast is for people who are serious about increasing self-belief, inner peace, dedicated to personal development and spiritual expansion, and willing to tap into their true power. One guarantee is that you’ll be motivated and inspired to be the best you that you can be after listening.

  66. Insulin Junkie

    Insulin Junkie

    A podcast for type 1 diabetics to relate to and for those without type 1 diabetes to learn from!

  67. Ask Ell #ASKELL

    Ask Ell #ASKELL

    Welcome to the #ASKELL Podcast; where Revitalize Clinic founder, Elliott Reid, takes amazing people and topics and understand what makes them vital Elliott founded the Revitalize Clinic in 2013 to provide you with the team of experts you need to be pain free, mentally well and physically fit. Contact us for your free consultation with an expert to start your journey www.revitalizeclinic.co.uk

  68. The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community

    The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community

    Welcome to the Mindful Movement Podcast, the show for those who want join the movement of helping professionals who use mindful practices in their work and life; or for those individuals who are simply interested in learning to live mindfully. Learn actionable advice from experts on how to live mindfully and help others do the same.

  69. Daily Dose of Happiness - The Podcast

    Daily Dose of Happiness - The Podcast

    This podcast is dedicated to you and your happiness, where every day I’m gonna share a Daily Dose of Happiness to help you live a life that you LOVE. This podcast includes a compilation of my favourite happiness tips from my Daily Dose of Happiness book, for bringing more happiness into your daily routine and our life.

  70. I'm a Public Health Professional Get Me Out Of Here!

    I'm a Public Health Professional Get Me Out Of Here!

    The thoughts of an Environmental Health Practitioner passionate about improving Public Health but caught up in an ever changing world of bureaucracy and budget cuts.

  71. Operation Move

    Operation Move

    Love your body. Love your life. A podcast for runners.

  72. Essential Oil Healthcare Radio

    Essential Oil Healthcare Radio

    Essential Oil Healthcare is a podcast that is hosted by Frank and Jackie Ritz of The Paleo Mama website. Frank and Jackie share essential oil education and tips for creating a natural life utilizing plant-based medicine. Episodes are jam-packed with DIY remedies, how-to tips on incorporating essential oils into your healthcare routine, and in-depth chats on specific essential oils. www.thepaleomama.com

  73. The Conscious Living Sexuality Show

    The Conscious Living Sexuality Show

    “Sex Energy IS Life Energy”, when we live consciously, we know this to be true. Are you living your authentic life? Are you comfortable asking for exactly what you desire? Do you own your yes’s and no’s with equal confidence? The health of our sexual lives is a barometer for the health of our bodies, minds, hearts and relationships. It’s not meant to be the most important part of life, yet it quickly moves to the top when it’s missing, out of balance or unsatisfactory. As a sex and relationship doctor, my clients come to me with an array of sexual problems, and they rarely turn out to be only about sex. The Conscious Living Sexuality Show tackles topics around beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that can make-or-break our overall health, happiness, relationship and sexual satisfaction. As a bonus, I’ll add creative ways to keep intimacy hot for the long haul and tactics to manage the natural life changes we all experience.

  74. #Be Inspired

    #Be Inspired

    "Let’s face it, Life can sometimes be challenging but in spite of this, all we want is to be happy, live life to the full and succeed. Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan. The trick is not to give up, “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence”-Ovid. Join She heals as she shares real-life stories, motivational talks, inspiring tales of everyday people who have confronted their obstacles, never gave up and eventually succeeded. If you want to be inspired, overcome what’s holding you back, this podcast is for you."

  75. "Life After Stroke"

    "Life After Stroke"

    "Life After Stroke" is a new hit radio show hosted by Emmy Award winning TV host, producer and stroke survivor, Christopher Ewing. The show is recorded during an actual stroke support group and features interviews with doctors and therapists, as well as the chance for stroke survivors to be able to share what's on their mind. For more information, just go to www.TheStrokeChannel.TV!

  76. The Over 40 Alpha Podcast

    The Over 40 Alpha Podcast

    Welcome to the Over 40 Alpha Podcast with your host Funk Roberts. In this podcast we discuss everything about health and fitness for the man in his 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, The goals is to help every man over 40, including you, to be in the best physical shape and health of your lives. Each week I will discuss topics like best workouts, nutrition, recovery, mindset, increasing testosterone, balancing hormones, health, life lesson and how to become an Over 40 Alpha. This pod cast will have frequent guest from doctors, specialists, fitness professionals, trainers, life coaches and more. Join Funk Roberts on your journey to become the ultimate Over 40 Alpha!

  77. The She Births® Show Podcast

    The She Births® Show Podcast

    The She Births® Show is a place that will inspire your birth, evolve your parenting and help you live a life you love. Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births®, hosts a collection of conversations with special guests about better births, a philosophy of connected parenting and conscious, healthy living. Each season includes topics for not only parents and parents-to-be but fellow birth professionals. She Births® is a scientifically verified childbirth education program (BMJ, July 2016). It combines evidence-based and holistic methods to provide families with the knowledge and skills that empower a better birth and easier transition into parenthood. Founded in Sydney in 2008 by Nadine Richardson, Director of The Birthing Institute, She Births® is available as a Weekend Course in Australia and as an interactive Online Program accessed by many all over the world. Download the She Births® app and enjoy our free resources. Please subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on facebook and instagram. Tell us what you would like to know more of in upcoming episodes. www.shebirths.com

  78. The Body Awake

    The Body Awake

    The Body Awake is a show for people interested in health and the human body, in a conversation beyond "body as machine." It's about what we're made of, how we move, how illness, injury and healing happen, and how we can use that information to live better lives.

  79. Master Meditation Music Tracks

    Master Meditation Music Tracks

    We create specially-designed, awesome-sounding music that uses scientific principles to help you meditate effortlessly. Get our free course here: http://www.meditatemusic.com/binaural-beats-meditation-course/

  80. The Sprout Mission

    The Sprout Mission

    The Sprout Mission Podcasts is a collection dedicated to mastering physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. In this podcast together, we discover the connections between the power of our thoughts, emotions and health habits to live our best life and enjoy the process. Your host Luke aka Mr. Sprout, spotlights experts and entrepreneurs in the fields of physical and emotional intelligence, sustainable conscious businesses, behavior change, nutrition, health, wellness living, fitness and mindfulness that empower actionable steps in our journey. After losing his father and many more loved ones to cancer and other illnesses that bring death through unhealthy lifestyle choices, Luke's mission is to use his resources and his God given tools and accompanied by his guests reach and inspire as many people as possible.

  81. Fitness


    Why fitness matters Cover art photo provided by Vanessa Ives on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@vanessaives

  82. DivaTalkRadio - Divabetic

    DivaTalkRadio - Divabetic

    Celebrating 10 years of podcasting, DivaTalkRadio is a service of Divabetic (Divabetic.org) , a national health and wellness nonprofit, a forum for education, empowerment and encouragement for those living with, at risk of and affected by diabetes and a channel on a mission to glamorize good health. Hosted by the happiest health care "MC," Max “Mr. Divabetic” Szadek, DivaTalkRadio will change attitudes, boost spirits, encourage hope and motivate others to stay healthy with a feather boa, a smile and fabulous sense of style! DivaTalkRadio is the epicenter of the circle of care, a link between patients and their health care providers, a translator of clinical speak and a bridge between denial and acceptance, fear and confidence. Divabetic was inspired by the late music legend Luther Vandross and created in 2005 by Max Szadek, who, as Vandross’ assistant of 14 years, witnessed his boss, mentor, and friend struggle in silence and solitude with diabetes and its related complications. President Barack Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter have acknowledged Divabetic for its dedication and determination on behalf of the diabetes community. Through education, support and a Glam More, Fear Less philosophy, Divabetic encourages a predominately-female entourage to become wellness and health ambassadors to their families and their communities. Visit Divabetic on the web: www.divabetic.org.

  83. We Are NerdStrong Podcast

    We Are NerdStrong Podcast

    Looking to Level Up your fitness? Want to make those critical hits count? Join the gang from Nerdstrong Gym in North Hollywood as they discuss fitness, nutrition and overall wellness the only way they know how... by turning it into a podcast!

  84. Studio Stinza

    Studio Stinza

    Studio Stinza is a meditation podcast by Stina Lönnkvist for real people who are busy, easily annoyed and find it hard to sit still. It's ok, I'm like that too. Browse through different styles and lenghts of meditation sessions, with new updates every month.

  85. Switch4Good


    Do you want to live a healthier and more robust life? The key to living a full, healthy, and joyous life lies within the foods we eat—and our relationship to them. Because health isn’t accurately measured by the circumference of your waist or how much you can bench press- true vitality is measured by how you feel, not just physically but deep within. Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch alongside Baywatch actress and certified health coach, Alexandra Paul, take listeners of all ages on a journey to optimal health and stamina through plant based eating. Dotsie and Alexandra, who both fought back from severe food addictions in their twenties, interview expert nutritionists, pro athletes, innovative thought leaders, physicians and plant-based celebrities. Through their stories, you’ll learn how to optimize your health and pave a path for a more meaningful life. So get inspired and join the Switch4Good revolution.

  86. Metaphors for Life

    Metaphors for Life

    Metaphors for Life - an invitation to consider your own experience of relating to thoughts, feelings and actions from a different perspective. Encouraging psychological flexibility with content inspired by the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). A collection of ideas, short stories, fables or parables designed to pose questions and help you navigate life using similes and metaphors. Using a bite-sized, 'Pause for thought' or 'Thought for the day' style format, rooted in the principles of psychological therapy and self help for improving mental health and wellbeing.

  87. Pushing Limits Podcast

    Pushing Limits Podcast

    Welcome to the Pushing Limits Podcast! The Pushing Limits Podcast brings you weekly episodes & content on all things endurance, fitness & training!

  88. Myelin & Melanin™ Podcast

    Myelin & Melanin™ Podcast

    Podcast hosted by Dawn (DX 2000) and Daana (DX 2004) -- two Black women sharing their musings on life, multiple sclerosis, and everything in between! Dawn and Daana met in 2016 in a Facebook group dedicated to the disease-modifying drug LEMTRADA. Though they live in two different states, in two different parts of the country, through the amazing power of technology, they virtually join each other to share their experiences about living life with MS. They are often joined by noted MS specialists, medical professionals as well as influencers in and members of the MS community.

  89. The Neuro Experience

    The Neuro Experience

    Join show host Louisa Nicola - a clinical neuroscientist from Sydney Australia, living in New York City as she sits down with the brightest medical doctors, surgeons, researchers and experts in the field of neuroscience, neurology and longevity. Louisa brings a fresh and unique voice to uncover the most complex machine in the world. She breaks down each episode in easy to digest information that is well researched to bring together a more mindful approach to how we are living each day. Importantly, in a world where neuropsychiatric disorders are becoming more prominent, Louisa not only places emphasis on the structural anatomy of the brain but also introduces topics like nutrition, brain fitness, sleep and environment to help you as the listener better understand your brain. Louisa graduated with an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology and teaching, she then went off to study a masters of mathematics where she looked at modeling the algorithms of neurons that fire in specific moments. She then went on to study medicine graduating with a speciality in neurophysiology from the university of Sydney. Her deep love for understanding the brain shows throughout this amazing episodic series where she is committed to providing you with the best up-to-date and evidence based information on the brain. You can find and connect with Louisa on Instagram at @thediamondboss_

  90. The Spa Dr

    The Spa Dr

    Dr. Trevor Cates of TheSpaDr.com answers your questions, busts health myths, and interviews leaders to empower you to be smart, sexy and strong at any age.

  91. The Little Lifter's Podcast

    The Little Lifter's Podcast

    Go from being little to fierce and conquer your fitness and nutrition, side hustle and mindset to become bigger and better than you ever thought you could be.

  92. Primary Care Update

    Primary Care Update

    Three healthily skeptical primary care physicians discuss the latest in primary care medicine. Join Essential Evidence Editor Mark Ebell MD, JFP editor John Hickner MD, and POEMs co-founder Henry Barry MD, for this fast-paced weekly update on evidence-based primary care.

  93. The Way Out | A Sobriety & Recovery Podcast

    The Way Out | A Sobriety & Recovery Podcast

    Recovery Power Topics and Powerful Recovery Stories in every episode! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-way-out-podcast/support

  94. Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

    Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

    Get expert discussions and insider tips every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Life on Fire TV is for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals, coaches, and marketers who want to make more, work less, give back, and live happier, kick-A$ lives. Focus on the four pillars of a Life on Fire: marketing, mindset, networking, and purpose with host, Nick Unsworth to get more done in less time, increase marketing conversions, learn highly actionable, innovative strategies from Nick and guests. Make sure you go to LifeOnFire.com to check out all of the free resources we have for you!

  95. Strive For Strength podcast

    Strive For Strength podcast

    Welcome to the strive for strength podcast. Where we take personal development to the next level. You'll find al thing to help motivate you in health and wealth. Listen to the stories of incredible people as they turn there struggles into strength

  96. The MindStream Podcast

    The MindStream Podcast

    Dr. Joan Rosenberg is a cutting-edge psychologist known as a thought leader, acclaimed speaker, innovative trainer, consultant and master clinician. In the MindStream podcast, she shares insights and action steps to help you learn how to resolve and break through mental and emotional challenges with anxiety, depression, doubt, relationships, self-esteem, and speaking up, which enables you to achieve confidence and emotional mastery so you can design and live a life of choice and imagined possibilities.

  97. Self-Help & Self-Development Hypnosis

    Self-Help & Self-Development Hypnosis

    Self-Help & Self-Development Hypnosis.

  98. The Daring to Rest Podcast: Talks on Women Rising Up Rested

    The Daring to Rest Podcast: Talks on Women Rising Up Rested

    Lie down, lean back or listen-on-the go to powerful and deeply personal discussions on how women can feel well-rested and operate more from their full power. Karen Brody is your host and the author of Daring to Rest: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation. This podcast is real talk on women’s health, wisdom and empowerment. You’ll also learn a lot about what rest really is and yoga nidra, a transformational sleep-based meditation technique that feels like the most supreme relaxation imaginable.

  99. Comfy Place

    Comfy Place

    Listen, Relax, Unwind and Sleep Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/comfy-place/donations

  100. A Second Opinion:  The Voice of Your Future Doctors (A2O)

    A Second Opinion: The Voice of Your Future Doctors (A2O)

    A podcast dedicated to encouraging medical students from underrepresented backgrounds to share their personal stories and experiences, as well as add their voices to important discussions around life, medicine, justice, and society. | Host: Habeeb Suara (M3, Ohio State COM) | Logo Design: Gabrielle Patterson | Music Producer: JP Dorval | Instagram & Twitter: @a2o_podcast