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Almost 30

7 Changes to Make You Happier and Healthier

Almost 30
Almost 30
Tune in for a powerful and playful solo episode, brought to you by Lindsey! She talks about the 7 changes she recently has made in her life to be happier and healthier. Take what resonates and leave the rest—the point is to be inspired to add little changes in your routine, so that you can become more adaptable and present. 
In this episode, Lindsey discusses the new habits she has begun to implement in her day to day, plus different modalities of self-care, expressing love and remembering special life moments.
Get to know yourself better through new experiences, even if they’re small, like adjusting your morning routine! Life is about being curious and exploring. 
We also talk about:

Why make changes in your routine 

The importance of adaptability

Doing the things you avoid 

At home workouts

Changing your eating + drinking habits

Hiding your phone + limiting screen time

Reflexology + foot massages

Showing gratitude

Dropping into special memories

Instagram: @lindseysimcik

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Almost 30
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