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Almost 30

How to Know and When to Let Go

Almost 30
Almost 30
In this solo episode, Krista opens her heart for a deeply personal and vulnerable conversation about how to know and when to let go. In a society obsessed with adding more into our lives via to-do lists, courses, books, posts, etc., we hardly ever stop to think about what we can release. 
Krista has found that when she let go of relationships, careers, friendships and parts of herself that were no longer aligned, she experienced greater expansion, growth and ultimately, love. In order to create a life you love, you have to create space—and that’s what this episode is all about. 
To put it simply, you cannot open the door to the future you seek while holding onto your past…and when love no longer helps us to be the person we want to be, it’s time to let go. 
We also talk about:

Why we over consume to protect ourselves

Letting go of relationships and careers

What is the Life Edit program

How to create space to receive clarity 

The pain of leaving people behind 

Following your heart and soul 

Consciously uncoupling 

The importance of choosing again and again 

Recognizing pain as a portal towards growth 

Creating the future you seek

Seeing forgiveness as freedom 

Empowering yourself to take action 


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