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Almost 30

Numerology: Insight for Your Life Path, Karma + True Desires

Almost 30
Almost 30
Over the years, Almost 30 has delved into divination in many of its varying forms, but this is the first episode featuring a conversation on numerology. Have you ever felt drawn to your birthdate or maybe you see 111 everywhere? This isn't an accident. Numbers have power and can serve as guides on your life’s journey. 
In this episode, Lindsey sits down with astrologer Nadine Jane, who breaks down numerology and the significance of numbers, one through nine. The ladies also discuss some lesser known facts about astrology and Saturn returns that will have you wanting to google all of your placements asap! 
We also talk about:

The significance of your Saturn return 

Looking inward and feeling your way through life 

Death cycles in astrology 

Identifying unaddressed parts of yourself

What your descendant sign means

Identifying important numbers in your life

What is numerology 

Unpacking numbers, 1-9


Instagram: @nadinejane_astrology

Website: www.nadinejaneastrology.com

Book: Magic Days  

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Almost 30
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