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There Are No Bad Parts of You: Accepting Yourself with IFS

Almost 30
Almost 30
Is there just one “you”? We have been taught that we have a single identity, but when the voices inside our heads don’t match our own self perception, emotions heighten and we might even question our entire existence. Want to know a little secret? You’re not alone in feeling this way, but feel liberated in knowing that there are no “bad” parts of you. 
Dr. Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems (IFS) model has been transforming psychology for decades and we are honored to have him on the show to talk about his new book “No Bad Parts.” In this episode, you’ll learn what IFS is and why it has been so effective in areas such as trauma recovery. 
You’ll also hear role play with both K+L, as Dr. Schwartz walks them through uncovering their own abandoned parts. When we learn to love all of our parts, we can learn to love all people, and ultimately this can help heal ourselves and the world. 
We also talk about:

What is the Internal Family System model? 

The importance of honoring and communicating with our parts

Making often maligned parts into powerful allies

How IFS reveals that there are no bad parts

K+L on their abandoned parts 

Psychedelics and IFS 

The power of your “protector” part


Website: www.ifs-institute.com 

Instagram: @internalfamilysystems  

Facebook: @InternalFamilySystems 

Twitter: @IFS_Model 

LinkedIn: IFS Institute 

No Bad Parts

The Evolution of The Internal Family Systems Model 

The Larger Self


Internal Family Systems: Skills Training Manual

Many Minds, One Self

You Are The One You've Been Waiting For

The Mosaic Mind

Internal Family Systems Therapy - 2nd Edition

Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model

Level 1 Bundle: Internal Family Systems Therapy - 2nd Edition, Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model, Mosaic Mind

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