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Almost 30

Toxic Positivity: How It's Holding You Back From Processing Emotions and Connecting Authentically

Almost 30
Almost 30
Do you ever feel like you’re constantly being told to be positive? Whether its through mantras like “good vibes only” and “look on the brightside,” not to mention the endless inspirational quotes and often well intended advice (both online and off), it can feel like silencing our emotions is the only way to live a “happy life.”
Whitney Goodman is a radically honest psychotherapist, whose new book, Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real In A World Obsessed With Being Happy, shows readers how to shift the goal from being happy to being authentic in order to live fully. A millennial on a quest to make mental health information accessible and easy to understand, Whitney helps people who want to improve their relationships and emotional wellness.
In this episode, Lindsey and Whitney unpack how damaging toxic positivity can be to both ourselves and our relationships. She also provides us with tangible tools on how to work through and process difficult emotions to experience a more fulfilled and authentic life. 
We also talk about:

What is toxic positivity 

How to hold space for yourself and others 

Developing a solid foundation in your relationships 

Feeling connected to your body

Recognizing and preventing burn out 

Unpacking your lifestyle and your systems 

Why humans resist loneliness and change

Releasing the need to control your emotions


Read: Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed with Being Happy

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Almost 30
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